The impacts of climate change concern the international community, which produces scientific knowledge, sets goals, develops action plans and strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapt to climate change. Our country has integrated into its national institutional framework the goals that have been set and the strategies that have been prepared, while Plans are being elaborated at regional/local level.


The systematic engagement of Region of Attica with adaptation to climate change has begun with the elaboration of a Vulnerability Assessment study and a Strategy for the Adaptation to Climate Change of the Attica’s wetlands (2012-2014) as well as the implementation of the Strategy’s measures (2016-2017), both co-financed by European programs.


Continuing with consistency, Region of Attica elaborated a Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan (RePACC), which was financed by “Attica 2014-2020” Regional Operational Program. After following the necessary procedure, Attica’s RePACC has been finalized and approved by the Regional Council of Attica, in December 2022, Decision No. 179/2022.


At this point, first priority is the implementation of Attica’s RePACC in a timely manner, setting strategic goals and capitalizing the available policy instruments. The strategic objectives for the implementation of RePACC are:

  1. promotion of adaptation actions and projects in all sectors,
  2. creation of a monitoring and evaluation mechanism for adaptation actions and projects and
  3. disseminate knowledge and raise awareness, as well as strengthening citizen participation

In this context, Region of Attica has already started the implementation of the RePACC by

  • creating a Climate Change Observatory,
  • elaborating a Pilot application for flood risk reduction, in the Municipality of Peristeri: Smart flood protection with small, low-cost interventions that will support existing infrastructure, delaying or reducing flood runoff
  • developing and installing an early flood warning system in the retention lake of Ano Liosia, in the Municipality of Fylis and
  • promoting actions, measures, policies and interventions to mitigate and adapt to climate change in the Transport sector.

This is just the beginning. The actions and projects implemented will support the Climate Change Observatory; the results will be evaluated for their effectiveness on climate change and planning of the next projects and actions will be revised and harmonized with the changes of institutional framework on climate change.


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