The operation of the Climate Change Observatory of the Attica Region has begun!

After elaboration and approval of the Regional Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change (RePACC)
of Attica, the necessary actions have taken place and it has been financed by “Attica 2014-2020”
Operational Program.
The Climate Change Observatory is a first-priority project, also financed by “Attica 2014-2020”
Operational Program. It is a supporting dynamic tool for more effective implementation,
evaluation and promotion of the actions, the implementation of the RePACC’s measures and
projects by the Region of Attica.
Within Climate Change Observatory the information produced during the first phase of the
elaboration of the Attica’s RePACC may be visualized and available. There is a repository of
knowledge with the institutional framework, networks, organizations and platforms for climate
change, environmental information on pollution, biodiversity, etc…
In addition, an integrated system for gathering information on atmospheric pollution and
particulate matter concentrations from available monitoring air quality platforms has been
incorporated, while a citizen’s observatory and mobile application are integrated in the context
of enhancing citizen knowledge and participation.
As this is a dynamic tool, a sustainability guide has been developed to ensure its smooth
operation, the update and continuous amelioration of its content.
We welcome and invite you to explore it.

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